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Residential Plumbing Repairs

Faison Plumbing Plus has been a trusted name is the Raleigh-Durham Area for over 12 years to help you with all your Residential Plumbing needs. Faison Plumbing offers SAME DAY and 24- Hour Emergency Service.

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Commercial Plumbing

As a business owner for over Twenty- Years Faison Plumbing Plus understands how important small business are to this area. Faison Plumbing is a trusted name for your Commercial Plumbing projects. We come in on time and budget.

Plumbing Leaks & Stoppages

One small leak can reap havoc on your water bill! Most common plumbing leaks can be a leaky toilet tank flapper.

Toilets can also leak at the base when the seal between the floor and the toilet becomes worn out, or along the water supply line if you have a defective shut-off valve. We will fix your plumbing leaks and stoppages in no time!

It’s estimated that one leak dripping at a speed of 20 drips per minute is equal to 694 gallons of wasted water per year!

Faison plumbing will help no matter how small the job. Sink fixtures that drip have worn-out parts and need to be repaired or replaced. A small inconvenience and job that pays of big!

Do you have water stains on your ceiling? There could be a leak in you Tub or Shower! This is a common problem and is likely caused by Loose nuts, Worn-out washers and seals, cartridge, and ball faucets with worn-out O-rings or old faucets with sediment build-up with in your plumbing. Your can count on Faison Plumbing Plus to give you a plumbing repair estimate that wont break the bank!

Clogged Drains

Drain clogs don’t have to be a regular part of your household cleaning duties – Faison Plumbing Plus is here to help!

You can try this before you give us a call!

Try pouring boiling water (carefully) down it.

This often loosens clogs and pushes them past your plumbing. After it’s had a little time to work (about ten minutes should do it), whip out your trusty plunger, which is probably one of your best friends by now, and start working. You might have to repeat a couple of times to get the desired result; if so, be patient and add another pan full of water. Give each attempt at least half an hour to work, especially if the drain is totally clogged.

When we leave your drain will be clear and working properly, you can take steps to prevent this nightmare from recurring in the future. Don’t panic: all of these tips are easier than unclogging the drain, and most of them take a fraction of the time!

Use a hair-catching drain insert.

These can be found at discount department stores, hardware stores, plumbing supply houses, and even online. For just a couple of dollars, you’ll get a plastic or rubber insert, complete with perforations, that sit in your drain. It catches most of the hair and other debris that lead to clogs without interfering with your drainage system. The best part: instead of fishing out the hair or trying to dissolve it with chemicals, you can remove and clean the insert. It takes less time and effort, and you can convince everyone in your household to take turns doing it.

Don’t use your bathtub for major cleaning projects.

It might seem like a good idea to clean engine parts or other nasty things in the tub, but it’s not. You’re washing more grease and other gross stuff down the drain than it was designed to handle. Use a wash tub that isn’t connected to any drains to prevent clogging and other unwanted side effects.

Many people bathe their dogs in the bathtub.

This seems like a good idea simply because you can regulate the water temperature, which usually can’t happen if you take your four-legged friend outside for his monthly scrubbing. Use the hair-catching insert to keep your pal’s fur from washing down the drain. You can also brush him out before you start the bath. This will get rid of most loose hair, which is the first stuff to wash down the drain.

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t rinse fat or cooking oil down the kitchen sink,

but some think that this wisdom doesn’t apply to the bathtub. The bad news: it most certainly DOES apply. Scrape congealed grease and cooking oil into the trash can; used oil that’s still in a liquid state should be poured back into the old container and thrown away. It’ll save you the effort of unclogging the drain, and your tub won’t reek of rancid grease.

Run boiling water down the drain periodically.

This often dissolves hair and other things that can clog the drain. Be careful when doing this; the drain can retain the scalding heat for a few moments after the water runs through it, especially if it has a steel drain cover or grating.

24 Hour Service!

For 24- hour Emergency Service and Quick Home Plumbing Repair Faison Plumbing Plus is located in Raleigh and Creedmoor North Carolina, allowing for same day service for the entire Triangle Area, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

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